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Make Holiday Travel Hassle-Free with These 5 Tips

November 5, 2014 1:15 am

During the 2014 holiday season, millions of passengers will be traveling through U.S. airports. This translates into long lines, congested traffic and stress, particularly for those traveling with small children. The travel experts at The GO Group recommend:

Checking your flight before you leave for the airport – Nothing is worse than arriving at the airport and discovering that your flight has been delayed or cancelled. To ensure this won't happen, have your airline notify you about flight status via text or email, or phone your airline before you leave.

Avoiding rush hour – Try to avoid departing during rush hours, which are 6:45 to 9:30 a.m. and 3:45 to 6:30 p.m. Both the traffic to and at the airport will slow you down.

Arriving early – Domestic and international passengers should arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure during the holidays when crowds and security are greatest. Be prepared for even longer times in the event of inclement weather and increased security during unforeseen crises or security threats.

Skipping the boarding pass line – If your airline has the option, print your boarding pass before you get to the airport so you do not have to wait in line. Even easier, store your boarding pass in your phone which can be scanned at the airport.

Bypassing lengthy TSA screening – The holidays draw people who don't travel frequently and aren't familiar with the screening process. Traveling with children always takes more time, too. Avoid the aggravation by applying for The TSA Precheck which, for a fee, allows low-risk travelers to experience expedited security screening at 300 participating U.S. airport checkpoints.

Follow these tips for safe, stress free and happy travels!

Source: The GO Group

Published with permission from RISMedia.


Homebuyers Have Mixed Emotions When House Hunting

November 5, 2014 1:15 am

While mostly positive about the process required to own a home, homebuyers report mixed emotions when hunting for the home of their dreams, according to a recent survey by BMO Harris Bank.

While overall stress levels about the home buying process are moderate, Americans still have some concerns. Their biggest worry is that they will find something wrong with the house once they move in (79 percent). In addition, 69 percent fear that housing prices will drop after the purchase, and 61 percent fear the possibility of not being able to afford their mortgage.

Based on the survey, homebuyers reported feeling a mix of excitement and fear when shopping for a home.

Feelings Associated with Home Buying

                          All Homebuyers          First-time Homebuyers
Excited             44 percent                   47 percent
Hopeful           33 percent                   43 percent
Cautious         32 percent                   26 percent
Optimistic       28 percent                   26 percent
Happy              26 percent                   37 percent
Anxious           25 percent                   31 percent

Source: BMO Harris Bank

Published with permission from RISMedia.