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From Paint to Pools - Smart Shoppers Wait for Winter Bargains

December 26, 2014 12:51 am

Never mind the holiday season – if I had just one wish this holiday season, it would be that you save all your holiday spending until at least January.

There's nothing new about post-holiday sales on just about everything. But if is any predictor - and your New Year's resolution is to spruce up your home in 2015 - January and February are the best months to shop for a number of key home improvement items.

According to the site:
  • The dead of winter is the best time to purchase warm-weather luxuries like pools and hot tubs, when prices are the lowest. Plus, it's smart to allow several months to regrow grass after it gets torn up during installation.
  • Furniture showrooms get new floor models in February and are looking to clear out the current stock of couches, saving January shoppers up to 50 percent.
  • Many linen and bedding retailers and department stores are also slashing prices on sheets and bedding in January and February to make room for all the new threads coming in the spring.
  • says most people get new carpeting before the holidays or during summer remodeling season. That means January is one of the cheaper times to look for new floor covering.
  • And since slapping on a fresh coat of paint is normally reserved for summer, the site says home improvement stores offer deeper discounts in the winter.
  • Whitson Gordon at suggests saving for the dark of winter to buy your new grill. He sites a Bankrate report flagging huge off-season deals on outdoor cooking appliances - at least in the colder states.
  • Gordon also points to PC World's advice to find the deepest deals on computer monitors in January and February - in case you're looking to upgrade your home office.

Published with permission from RISMedia.


Top 10 Tips for Losing Holiday Weight Gain

December 26, 2014 12:51 am

Nobody likes to pick up extra pounds during the holidays, but nearly everyone does. For those determined to lose them quickly, we all know Rule Number One: Use willpower and cut back on food!

From, here are nine more tips for shedding pounds without (too much) pain:

Dump the holiday leftovers – Yep, that means the leftover fudge as well as the stuffing and gravy. You can’t eat what isn’t there.

Plan ahead – Treat it like a budget and plan your daily and weekly meals ahead as much as possible. When you do that, you are much less apt to just graze all day and/or make poor last-minute meal choices.

Eat all day – Five or six small meals during the day (salads, fruits, veggies, nuts, and small portions of meat, eggs or poultry) will keep you from feeling really hungry and falling off the wagon.

Get moving
– Burning the calories you do take in is always a smart strategy. Walk during lunch hour, work out at the gym, or take a short run in the morning or evening – or just get out in your own driveway and shoot some hoops with the kids.

Hit the protein
– Start the day right with a protein-fueled breakfast to keep you full longer. Try eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt on its own or a yogurt fruit smoothie.

Cut out the white stuff – This includes less nutritious carbs like white bread, white bagels and white rice as well as extra sugar or salt. Substitute yams for white potatoes and choose whole wheat breads and cereals. Try plain yogurt instead of sour cream and mustard in place of mayo.

Veg out
– Vegetables are healthy appetite suppressors. Keep a variety of colorful veggies washed, cut up, and very handy front and center in the fridge.

Hit the bottle – Water reduces cravings, flushes out impurities, and helps keep you feeling full. Carry it with you wherever you go. Try it in a thermos with lots of ice cubes and lemon.

Be patient – Think ‘progress’ and ‘baby steps.’ Don’t try to rush it. Rejoice each time a pound drops off.

Published with permission from RISMedia.