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4 Healthy Habits to Adopt ahead of the Holidays

December 23, 2015 2:09 am

(Family Features)—With so many social events that revolve around food, it can be challenging to make healthy choices. To keep your diet in check, take time to establish a plan ahead of social gatherings, says nationally recognized nutrition and wellness expert Mitzi Dulan.

“Whether you are hosting an event or attending someone else's celebration, planning ahead can help you stay on track,” says Dulan, a registered dietitian. “Having quick and simple strategies and recipes on hand makes it easy to eat well and keep you feeling great.”

Your plan should include:

Loving what you eat. Be mindful of the food you eat and make every bite count. Enjoying each delicious taste will make it easier to stick to a sensible eating plan. For the foods you do love, look for ways to make them better for you. For example, if pizza is your weakness, substitute a lower-calorie crust and choose toppings that help counteract added fat and calories.

Not skipping meals. Although skipping breakfast may seem like a good way to cut calories, it's a plan that can actually backfire, making you hungrier as the day wears on, and more likely to overeat or sneak unhealthy snacks. Start each day with a well-rounded breakfast to fuel your body. Apply a similar approach to events later in the day, as well. You may be tempted to skip a meal so you can enjoy the treats at a party, but chances are you'll end up overdoing it with high-calorie indulgences, so make sure you fuel up ahead of time.

Eating smaller portions. When you simply must indulge, go ahead, but to do so in moderation. One clever way to keep your portions small: use a tablespoon, not a serving spoon to dish out portions. Eat slowly so your body has time to tell your brain you're full.

Getting your fill in healthy ways. Overeating often comes down to a very basic cause: hunger. Becoming more conscious of how you answer your hunger will help you stay on track. Drinking water before and during events will help to fill you up so you are less likely to consume excess calories. Snacking throughout the day can also help keep hunger at bay; several small, healthy snacks, such as a handful of nuts or trail mix, can help keep you feeling full.

Source: Flatout Flatbread

Published with permission from RISMedia.


Have You Ticked the Boxes on this Holiday Safety Checklist?

December 23, 2015 2:09 am

While it’s no secret traffic incidents spike during holiday travel periods, it is lesser known that a majority of accidents occur in the homes of those celebrating locally, too. Whether you’re hosting holiday celebrations at home or heading to a party elsewhere, it’s important to remain vigilant about safety amid the festivities, urges the National Safety Council (NSC). Tips to consider include:

• Never use lighted candles near trees or boughs.

• Add an extra barrier to fireplaces, as glass panels can reach several hundred degrees within minutes.

• When cooking, wash hands, the sink, utensils and anything else that touches raw meat, and only use sharp knives.

• Make sure your fire extinguisher is up-to-date and your smoke detector batteries are new.

• Gift safely. Understand the dangers associated with coin lithium batteries, which come inside many toys, TV remote controls, watches and even musical holiday cards.

• Be aware of how much alcohol you are serving, and make sure party guests who are drinking have alternative transportation.

• Buckle up, even on short drives.

• Never use a cell phone behind the wheel, even hands-free.

• Safeguard medications from teens and young children while visiting others or hosting guests in your home.

Source: NSC

Published with permission from RISMedia.