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Watch for Red Flags with Home Appliances

October 13, 2014 1:32 am

Appliances can be a homeowner’s best friend or worst enemy. When working properly, they make everyday living more convenient and comfortable, but without proper maintenance, they can become very dangerous household fixtures.

“Every morning, we take a hot shower, heat up our breakfast and turn up the thermostat, all without giving a thought to how it happens. When we turn that knob, the hot water, flame or heat is there,” says Mike Rogers, Vice President of GreenHomes America. “One thing we must not take for granted is the safety and upkeep of these domestic devices.”

The first thing you can do to ensure a safe coexistence with household appliances is to have a licensed contractor do a yearly inspection of all gas piping, appliances and heating systems in homes. “This type of preventative action may seem excessive, but think of it like taking your car to a mechanic,” adds Rogers. “An expert can detect problems before they become dangerous.”

In addition, always run kitchen exhaust fans when gas appliances are being used and make sure all carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries. Also, make note of how your appliances are functioning, and be cautious of any strange smells or noises.

Vermont Gas recommends calling a licensed contractor if you notice any of the following red flags:
- Gas flames that appear pale or wavy
- Gaps, rust or blocks in vents
- Vents that do not lead outdoors
- Foul odors
- Dusty or rusted appliances
- Clogs or excessive dirt in furnace air filters
- Missing or improperly installed valves
- Absent fire door on gas appliances
- Soot near burner or vents
- Discoloration around burners, access doors or vent area
- Noisy appliances
- Water damaged appliances
Source: GreenHomes America

Published with permission from RISMedia.


5 Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

October 10, 2014 1:32 am

It would be nice if we could always afford to remodel the kitchen or add another bedroom or a covered patio at will. But if expensive projects have to wait their turn, there are many smaller projects—many of them do-it-yourself or with friends—that can vastly improve the look of your home on a very small budget.

Sienna Beard at the Wall Street Cheat Sheet, an online consumer guide to saving time and money, offers five suggestions for tackle-now projects well worth their time and effort:

Snazz up the kitchen – Reface or replace the cabinets if you can, but if that’s not in the cards, then paint the kitchen, update the hardware, and/or establish a cool color scheme with kitchen linens and accessories for a fresh new look without spending a lot of cash.

Add baseboard and crown molding
– For a classic look in the living area, add wider baseboards painted white to set off the color of the walls. If you can afford it, consider crown molding at the ceiling line to make the room appear more polished and finished.

Improve the lighting
– Few people like to enter a dark room. Take stock of the areas where a ceiling fan with lights, some simple wall fixtures, or a few inset ceiling lights would considerably brighten a room.

Change the entry
– Painting or replacing an old front door improves the curb appeal immensely. Consider redoing a cracked walkway, painting the front porch, or simply adding pots of flowers near your bright, new front door.

Add some landscaping – In the front yard, plant flowers leading up to the entry, or add some hedges or attractive shrubs. In the back yard, create an attractive oasis for friends and family with a brick grilling area, an inexpensive fire pit, or some new outdoor furniture set off with attractive pots of spring and summer blooms.

Published with permission from RISMedia.