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Simple Swaps for Healthier Holidays

November 6, 2014 12:39 am

(Family Features) Rich, decadent, calorie-laden foods go hand-in-hand with the holidays. By choosing better-for-you snacks and swapping ingredients in some of your favorite recipes, you can keep the pounds from creeping up as you celebrate this season.

You can satisfy your cravings and stay full by consuming high-quality, protein-rich foods with fewer calories and lower saturated fat. Exchanging sugary treats and unhealthy ingredients for flavorful, more nutritious options will let you still enjoy your holiday treats without the guilt (or added weight) when the festivities have passed.

Stay on track for healthier, happier holidays this year with these tips:
  • Plan ahead before you hit the party buffet table by eating a protein and fiber-rich light meal or snack beforehand.
  • Limit your alcohol and intake of sweetened drinks; flush your system with water.
  • In place of candy and sweets, keep healthy nibbles on hand, such fruits, nuts and steamed or dried edamame. Individual packages of these nutritious snacking options also make excellent stocking stuffers.
  • For sweet, rich, baked goods such as cookies, soft-yeast breads and quick breads, swap some of the traditional flour with soy flour, which will substitute for up to 30 percent of the wheat or rye flour.
  • Modify your favorite recipes to reduce saturated fat, sugar and salt. Vegetable oil, cinnamon or nutmeg and herbs and spices deliver mouth-pleasing flavors that eliminate the less healthy alternatives.
Source: Soyfoods Association of North America

Published with permission from RISMedia.


Retiring Soon? Last-Minute Strategies to Consider

November 6, 2014 12:39 am

Despite continuing economic recovery, many older Americans do not have sufficient funds to sustain their lifestyles in retirement. If you’re preparing to retire soon, consider augmenting your savings with these strategies.

1. Max out your contributions. The IRS sets higher limits for those aged 50 and older, so take advantage of it by cutting expenses and putting those savings into your retirement accounts.

2. Relocate to a less expensive area. With many soon-to-be retirees building significant equity in their homes, it may be worthwhile to sell and move to a location that accommodates a lower cost of living.

3. Become a part-timer. Supplement your savings with part-time employment. Many retirees find this to be not only a productive use of time, but also an opportunity to explore interests they could not pursue while working full-time.

4. Test your retirement lifestyle. For those who are uncertain they can live on their retirement savings, financial experts recommend spending two years before retirement living within those means.

5. Postpone retirement. If your savings fall short, consider delaying retirement altogether. When you do retire, you’ll receive higher Social Security payments than you would have if you collected earlier.

Those nearing retirement should consult a financial advisor or tax professional before making changes to their investment strategies.

Source: Bankrate

Published with permission from RISMedia.