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Simplicity Rules Home Design in 2015

December 16, 2014 12:30 am

With the end of the year drawing near, many homeowners plan to set aside time to outline household expenses for the coming year – and many will be factoring home improvements into the equation, according to the Home Improvement Research Institute.

If you’re carving out room in next year’s budget for home upgrades, consider incorporating some of the trends set to fuel the design industry. For 2015, the Delta Faucet Company points to natural aesthetics, bold motifs and streamlined style. How do you turn those abstract trends into concrete home improvements? Get started with these tips:

Natural Aesthetics
Organic shapes, woods washed with color, powdery surfaces and uneven edges – the natural trend continues to gain favor among home design enthusiasts. Look for overstated colors found in nature, such as blurred bronze, worn copper or oxidized tones. Integrate softer hues into the home with earth tones such as soft gray, sky and sand.

Inspiration: Transform a stained piece of wood into a kitchen countertop, or incorporate stag horn ferns into a wall mount.

Bold Motifs
Simply put, this trend has an outgoing, courageous disposition. Look for feminine curves paired with boisterous colors, such as subtle creams next to loud lace or robust oversized floral patterns.
Pretty and practical is the name of the game.

Inspiration: Showcase your favorite print in a large frame for a beautiful living room backdrop, or collect a variety of frames in different finishes and shapes to construct a unique home gallery.

Streamlined Style
Simplistic design paired with angled blocking results in a balanced and clean environment. Combine geometric profiles with luxury and warmth by pairing tempered metals, such as a clean copper, with marble.

Inspiration: Increase bath space by mounting wall units with steel frames for a clean, structured look.

Source: Delta Faucet Company

Published with permission from RISMedia.


10 Steps to Secure Social Networking

December 16, 2014 12:30 am

According to a recent survey from Internet security leader Trend Micro, just 38 percent of people know how to limit what they post online, further propelling the concern that heavy social media use can lead to identity theft. Put simply, posting information online can be the gift that keeps on giving.

“Most of us are far too trusting with our personal information online,” says Mark Nunnikhoven, vice president of Cloud and Emerging Technologies at Trend Micro. “We don’t realize how quickly little bits add together to form a startlingly accurate picture of our personal lives. This unintentional disclosure of personal data can have very real consequences.”

To mitigate your risk of leaving a trail for cyber thieves to follow, Trend Micro recommends:
1. Only post updates or photos you won't mind sharing with strangers. What goes online stays online.
2. Keep tabs on all your tags and mentions. Getting tagged in a post might seem harmless, but it can also decrease your privacy.
3. Make sure only your intended audience sees your posts. If your friends have less restrictive settings, it’s possible for others to view your information.
4. Never click on a link posted or sent by someone you don’t know.
5. Use a two-factor authentication for all social media accounts, and activate any other security measures you have access to.
6. Check privacy policies and adjust your settings to your comfort level. Keep track of these policies on an ongoing basis – they change often.
7. Double-check your security. Use privacy scanning software to check current privacy settings in different social networks.
8. Report and block spammers. This can help sanitize your feed as well as notify a social media site to take down the spammers’ accounts.
9. Always verify with your contacts any link they send your way, preferably through another form of correspondence.
10. Be careful whom you accept as a friend on social networks. Identity thieves can and do create fake profiles in order to steal your personal information.
Source: Trend Micro

Published with permission from RISMedia.