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Giving Season: Billions of Charitable Donations and Counting

December 25, 2014 12:51 am

As expected, Americans will continue to support their favorite causes this giving season, with TD Bank Group estimating over $570 billion in time and money donated. A recent report by the organization indicates that almost 95 percent of households donate to a charity each year, while half of Americans volunteer their time for a good cause.

"Americans are generous people, and nearly everyone gives to charity each year," says Craig Alexander, SVP and chief economist, TD Bank Group. "The benefits of giving are much more than that and have lasting impacts on local communities and society as a whole."

According to the report, Americans give almost 8 billion hours of their time volunteering each year. The vast majority of volunteers say they do it to make a contribution to their community, and because charitable giving inspires others to get involved. Many Americans volunteer as part of a group project with friends or colleagues, or join family members already helping others.

Source: TD Economics

Published with permission from RISMedia.


Alleviate Holiday Hosting Duties with Dishwashing Tips

December 24, 2014 12:51 am

(Family Features) ‘Tis the season is for enjoying time with friends and family – not being trapped in the kitchen for pre- and post-party cleaning. With a little planning, you can minimize time spent on daily chores and maximize time spent creating memories with guests. Here are a few quick tips to clean and prep your home for get-togethers this holiday.

Load the dishwasher first. When you’re hosting a party, the last thing you want is to open the dishwasher and find dirty dishes. Make sure to run the dishwasher the day before your guests arrive to ensure everything is clean when you need it.

Prepare dishes for the wash cycle. To ensure dishes come out clean and dry, scrape away large pieces of food and excess leftovers before loading, and let the dishwasher take care of the rest. Make sure your silverware gets the right water coverage by loading some pointing up and some pointing down, including knives. And remember, safety first, especially if kids are helping. If you don’t plan to run the dishwasher immediately, remember to rinse foods such as mustard, mayonnaise and tomato-based products, as they may cause discoloration of plastics if allowed to sit for a long period of time.

Fill the upper and lower racks properly.
Cups, glasses, stemware, small plates and bowls are all welcome in the top rack. Make sure any plastic items go on top, too. Be sure to load open-ended items into the washer facing down for the best cleaning and draining. Save your biggest items for the edge of the lower rack. Face everything else – plates, large bowls, etc. – toward the center of the rack for a thorough clean.

Published with permission from RISMedia.